Main building


An overview of the school life of Estonian farmers’ children in the 19th century through the book Kevade (Spring) is displayed in the large exhibition hall of the main building. The story written by Palamuse-born writer Oskar Luts based on the memories of his school years is his most popular work and was first published in 1912. Most Estonians read this novella at school.


In the movie hall, you can watch historic frames of the writer Oskar Luts and the shooting of the movie Kevade in Palamuse. Critics as well as viewers have hailed this as the best Estonian movie of the 20th century.


An overview of the highlights of educational life in Palamuse and the history of parish schools of the Lutheran Church in Estonia is displayed in the education and school history hall.


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Welcome to the 19th century! In the schoolhouse, you can try out old school desks, write with a slate pencil, pen and ink and pretend to be a pupil of that time. Some schoolboys from more distant villages slept in this authentic and historic schoolhouse.


In addition, you are introduced the life of the sacristan’s family: you can learn about his duties, explore the domain of his wife – her kitchen – and even have a peek into their bedroom.


The exhibitions in both museum buildings are in English!


Exhibition hall


In addition to all kinds of fun activities, conferences, concerts, shows and celebratory events can be organised in the exhibition hall located on the second floor of the schoolhouse.


You can enjoy the 100 Palamuseans exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia in the exhibition hall.


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